Ruth Deane

Editor of EMM (Every Model Magazine)

Ruth Deane is the Editor of the UK's modelling industry publication Every Model Magazine. With over twenty years experience in the publishing and media industry and a former catwalk model herself, Ruth is also an esteemed beauty pageant and modelling competition judge.

Back in 1995 at just twenty three years of age Ruth, set up her first publishing company. She then created the national organisation for women in business, The W.I.B. Society and an accompanying publication, Women's Business. As a result Ruth was given a regular slot on the late Adam Faith's business channel as a young entrepreneur and business subject matter expert.

In more recent years Ruth has worked closely with the Miss England and Miss World organisations judging pageants across the world. She is considered the female version of 'Simon Cowell'  in the industry of modelling and has prompted a vast number of requests for her expertise and faultless ability to recognise a winner when she sees one.

Ruth is also a published author and boasts diverse writing skills from magazines to her own published book, "Washing my life away".


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