The Most Popular String Quartet in the World

Fusing contemporary sounds with classical instruments, the gorgeous electric string quartet ESCALA caused a sensation in the final of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. Their Trevor Horn produced debut album 'Escala' boasted the freshest and most innovative sound of 2009, scoring one of the highest first week sales for any debut artist in the UK that year.
The quartet comprises four sophisticated, beautiful and intelligent girls in their twenties. These talented, dedicated and disciplined musicians studied at London’s most prestigious music colleges, becoming highly trained, professional classical performers. The four girls became close friends after being recruited as part of a large string section for a UK arena tour by the band McFly, and decided to work together to create a new musical phenomenon. After entering Britain’s Got Talent, performing in front of 14 million viewers on the show’s final, the band were imediately signed by Simon Cowell.

The ladies are serious about their music, playing both acoustic and electric instruments and bringing stylish high energy showmanship to their performances. With their unique formula of fun and integrity, the girls believe their approach will encourage many (in particular the young) to overcome prejudices about classical instruments.
The international appeal for their contemporary sound has seen them travel the globe over the past 3 years including appearances such as Oprah & The Today Show in the US, Children in Need and opening Sweden's Pink Ribbon Gala. The girls have also enjoyed recent performance highlights such as Samuel L Jackson’s 'Night For Love', opening the NASCAR Awards in Vegas and performing to over 100,000 people with Lee Hom in Beijing. They have also led BSkyB’s TV campaign for the UK Premiership football season (in succession to bands such as Simple Minds, Queen and Oasis) and are the current UK face of innovative hosiery brand Pretty Polly stockings.
Escala have gone from strength to strength and are currently working on a new album. Watch this space!


An ESCALA private performance is an exclusive opportunity to entertain your guests with a stunning visual & musical act...
For each booking a bespoke performance model is designed specific to the client’s needs.
Remarkably the girls electric instruments are completely remote from any floor wiring, allowing them the freedom to perform in a host of unique spaces and in varied choreographed staging presentations.
For special events, they have performed with orchestras, ribbon dancers, aeralists, pop or rock acts, and even have a fiery tango set playing acoustically with a spanish flamenco guitarist.
ESCALA perform predominantly in 3 different set ups depending on the requirements of the event, the venue and the capacity of the audience:

ESCALA have performed at events around the world for some of the most prestigious brands and personalities. From a grand scale in an arena or concert hall, to an intimate cocktail party or gala dinner, they always deliver a memorable highlight to an evening.
If entertaining key VIP's and clients, Chantal, Izzy, Victoria and Tasya are happy to meet & greet guests following a performance (within an agreed format) to ‘show off’ the association for your brand.
We are also able to develop cross promotional opportunities such as exclusive content, lead time permitting. At the request or discretion of the client, ESCALA are willing to consider participating in media coverage around your event, considered on a case by case basis.


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