Suzi Walker

The ORIGINAL W.A.G.   TV Presenter and Model

Suzi Walker, the former wife of Bolton and International goalkeeper Ian Walker is synonymous with the phrase "Footballers Wives".  they were the original 'Posh & Becks' !   Ironically, and sadly,  Suzi's thirteen year marriage to Ian ran into some difficulty and is now over.  Suzi is now with Simon Jordon (Chairman of Crystal Palace FC). 

Suzi is the type of girl that won't let her situation get her down though. She feels she has been in the wars before. After the birth of her daughter Sophie, some eight years ago, she contracted a near fatal illness known as Post Natal Eclampsia, from which she miracuously made a nearly full recovery.  She also had an extremely dangerous time when she gave birth to her second daughter with whom she has had with Simon.

Pictures Courtesy of Alan Strutt

Unfortunately the illness left Suzi as an on-going sufferer of ME and although, through her doctor, for whom she has only praise, she is managing to beat it 99% of the time. 

Suzi is a vivacious and very bubbly girl and extremely easy to get along with. Whilst being very elegant and stunning, she has this natural ability of coming across as being the girl next door. Suzi is happy to be interviewed about either of these unfortunate illnesses and will do all she can to promote the cause for other sufferers.

However she is very keen to carry on with her modelling as a 30 something year old mother of two (that so many women can relate to) and to also do some more presenting.


Suzi is very grounded, approachable and is a real pleasure to deal with. She is available for TV, Radio and Press interviews.


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