PR and Branding

Celeb Agents part of the Touchstone Media Group has a number of flexable options for Celebrity PR, using the Company’s wide ranging list of contacts and clients. At Celeb Agents, we believe that Public Relations is the basis to achieve any success for any organisation or person that requires their profile to be raised in order to compete in todays very competative market.

Due to Celeb Agents broad range of experience in PR branding and celebrity management, a top quality service is provided, whether or not you are a celebrity, individual or organisation who requires their profile to be raised within the media industry to reach new heights of awareness within the puplic sector. Our Branding philosophy lets our staff to be constantly updated on the ever changing media industry, giving us the edge and opportunity and ensuring we are at the pinnacle of forward thinking and awareness.

For further information on PR and Branding services, please email us at the email address below.

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